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The Best Inline Skate Trails Around The World

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Posted by Vihangi Nagda / Jun 16, 2022

Roller skating is a great sport that is not only good for your health and fun for all ages, It can be enjoyed year-round, outdoors or in and if you’re skating outdoors, you’ll also benefit from fresh air and being in nature.

Check out some of the best Inland skating spots around the world which are worth trying:

  1. NETHERLANDS – Netherlands conducted World Championships in speed and freestyle skating in the year 2018. Skatetôg 2018 – Den Haag trail is the famous trail near Zuidepark, Zuid-Holland. It comprises of total 13.91 miles. Other famous trails are Enschede Centrum-UT and Enschede Hengelo of 10.91 and 18.89 miles respectively. These trails run through the city centre around the University of Twente mostly having flat but some rough roads.
  2. SOUTH AFRICA – Roller- skates is the well-known sport among sporty women and roller derby enthusiasts of South Africa. Sea Point in Cape Town has one of the most scenic trails along the Atlantic Seaboard. It is 11 kilometres long and easy to walk, run, cycle or rollerblade because it is flat and well maintained.
  3. CHINA – The 2017 World Roller Games was the first edition of the World Roller Games that took place in Nanjing, China in the year 2017. Skate to West Mountain, Xuhui is the best roller skating trail here and is said to be very hard climb and even a harder downhill. It is majorly recommended for experts.
  4. United States – This country is full of skate sports, whether you speak of west coast or east coast. Feel free to visit Central Park and Manhattan wide avenues for some amazing roller-skating experience. There is so much fun for a sunrise skate in South beach Miami. Wetlands Wash north trail near Whitney, Nevada, 7.05 miles long trail is also one of the best options.
  5. COLUMBIA – Rollerskating is part of Colombian customs with more than 400 medals during international speed skating competitions. Some of the interesting spots are Arvi – Santana Elena, Mapachico and La tumba San Bernardo.
  6. France – Since the early 1990s, roller skating has been a favourite pastime of Parisians. Some of renowned routes for roller skating are Labenne – Capbreton -Hossegor, Cabourg/houlgate, and Renaissance near Montmorency, Normandie. These tracks are 15.20 miles, 19.92 miles and 20.18 miles respectively.
  7. UAE – The gulf countries are discovering a new passion for board sports, like Saudi Arabia and Dubai. Al Mamzar Park, Jumeirah Lake Tower and Dubai Water Canal are attractive spots in UAE having roller skating rinks.
  8. AUSTRALIA – Roller Skate is one of the major sports in the world of sports in Australia. There are numerous roller- skate rinks in the country. City skate inlines Hobart, GC Beach loop, Morre park and centennial park are some of the worth exploring spots.