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What is a Good Age for Kids to take Skating Lessons in Dubai

kids skating lessons
Posted by Vihangi Nagda / Apr 12, 2022

A child who learns how to roller-skate will be entertained until he or she has kids of their own. While skating may not be the most popular family activity, it can be just as much fun for a 7-year-old as a 17-year-old, and it’s fun when you’re 70! What should you do if your child is not yet old enough to learn how to skate?

Skateraati recommends that kids start skating lessons in Dubai between 5 and 10 years of age. Roller skating is not a skill that most children will possess by the time they are five years old. Consequently, they will eventually give up skating due to frustration and may never like it again.

How should they choose roller skates to start with? Younger kids tend to find most roller skates to be cumbersome. Roller skates specifically made for kids are your best bet.

Skateraati specializes in that. Kids and parents alike love their colorful roller skates, which they design specifically for kids.

Children, who start skating early, learn more quickly and enjoy skating for longer? Did you know that skating has benefits for all ages? If your child has a passion for skating, here are some reasons why you should enroll him or her in lessons:

Skating Safety

Taking ice skating lessons is one of the best ways to learn skate safety. If you want your child to feel more confident skating this winter, make sure they know how to fall, get up, and skate across.

Lessons in Life

Self-confidence, determination, and more. Skating provides kids with life lessons. Ice skating classes teach kids more than just how to skate. They also teach them perseverance and how to focus under pressure.

A Life Sport

Skating is suitable for all ages, which is one of the best things about it. Growing up doesn’t mean kids can’t skate, they can do so much more! Ice skating is a lifelong sport, from coaching hockey leagues to competing in adult skating competitions.

What’s a Good Age to Learn to Skate?

To master roller skates, balance is crucial. It is trickier for young toddlers to skate upright than it is to walk or run, so they often do not have the agility necessary. Children’s sense of balance will have improved by the time they reach preschool age, so they should have no difficulty learning to skate. Your 4- or 5-year-old may be interested in roller-skating if they show an interest!

Skateraati offers programs to teach children the fundamentals of kids skating lessons in Dubai step by step, so they can be confident the first time they go onto the ice. Young children should also utilize a Skate Mate, skate along a wall, or skate while holding a parent’s arm till they feel secure and balanced on their own. But be cautious! They’ll be cruising all over the place after they’ve mastered their wheels. That’s a victory for your next family play day.

Skateraati sports academy is the place to go whether you want kids skating lessons in Dubai or a pleasant location to practice with the kids. Visit us during skating sessions six days a week. Call us at +971-54 42 21188 to know more.