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Kids Skating Lessons

What We Offer

Skateraati offers kids skating lessons in Dubai for people of all skills, abilities, and age groups. Our programs are created in collaboration with qualified instructors and are entirely based on several hours of first-hand training experience.
However, when your child becomes interested in skating for the very first time, it fills your days with a mix of emotions. A dual sense of delight and worry emerges. You need your kid to have the utmost fun while being safe. This is when you look for kids' skating classes that guarantee both protection and joy for the children. One that will make your youngster feel at ease.
skating classes for kids

LEARN TO SKATE like a champ in 3...2...1...

These are a Group Class for children aged above 4, who are just beginning out. We provide high-quality skates, along with specialized skating training aids. Everything children need to become a speedy and skilled skater.

What children will learn in the class:


Pushing fundamentals and how to get started with rolling



The Skateraati kids’ skating lessons in near you in Dubai accommodate children of all age groups and experiences, mastering the craft of skating securely and independently. Once skaters have mastered the basics, we promote them to particular skating styles and specialized lessons that expose them to diverse skating realms

Uniquely Designed for Children above 4

What exactly is the Skateraati Foundation Program?

Skateraati is thrilled to introduce the all-new Kids Skating foundation program! We have specifically developed it to nurture the skill of skating in children above the age of 4 in a pleasant group setting. With enjoyable exercises in a supportive atmosphere, every skater will gain confidence in the rink and personal life. Skaters can improve at their own pace after mastering the foundational skills.

What are the advantages?

Skating is a talent that learners practice forever since it helps develop stability, better circulation, and endurance. Before skaters ever run onto the rink, we carefully guide them through every stage of learning how to skate, including tying the skates properly, falling, and getting back up on their feet. After completing the curriculum, skaters can resume their on-field adventure by enrolling in advanced lessons and master the specialized aspects of skating.

Our precisely developed and efficiently conducted kids’ skating classes assist young skaters in developing confidence while understanding the fundamentals of skating. We configure lessons based on the participant’s skill and experience.

Coaches and faculty members will thoroughly review the following points before the participants walk onto the track:

Why take Skateraati’s kids' skating lessons in Dubai?

Excellence and safety go hand-in-hand.

What could be more important than a child’s safety? At Skateraati, we ensure that students only stride on the ground once they have carefully worn their skates, fastened their helmets, and worn all necessary protective gear. We train all of our instructors in first aid and CPR. To keep kids safe and energized, we employ a variety of skating tactics.

Every champ gets individual attention.

Every child participating in our sessions receives individual attention. There is a small batch size for every session to keep an ideal number of participants in each class. We make sure they learn, grasp, and participate in group racing as well as receive personalized attention.

World-renowned educators

We have world-class international skaters training the kids, working with care and precision. We also have dedicated assistants helping children throughout the training sessions. To provide a holistic environment for our skaters, we are also affiliated with a team of top sports medicine experts, physiotherapists, fitness instructors, and sports nutritionists.

Multiple Certifications under one roof.

Get your children certified with Skateraati.
We provide several grades of certification. We create a reliable system for child development and accreditation. The three levels of skaters at the Basic Level are Cheetah Chariots (Basic), Falcon Pack (Intermediate), and Missile Launchers (Advance). Following that are the Elite and Professional skater groups. We are the first kids’ skating lessons in Dubai that provide children with multiple certifications.

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